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The power to manipulate telekinetic force in the form of invisible appendages of energy. Variation of Telekinesis. Sub-power of Telekinetic Force Manipulation. Technique of Telekinetic Aura.

Also Called

  • Psychokinetic Vector(s)
  • Psychokinetic Vector Generation/Projection
  • Semi-Physical Telekinesis
  • Telekinetic Vector(s)
  • Telekinetic Vector Generation/Projection
  • Vectors (Elfen Lied)


The user can manipulate telekinetic force as beams/rays, fields or appendages of pure will forming out of them and moving physical objects. It differs from Telekinesis in that hand gestures, finger-pointing, or even in the form of invisible appendages, known only to the user of the ability are utilized more than a simple will of the mind. These telekinetic vectors carry with them a wave of telekinetic force that can tear physical matter to pieces, or even move quickly enough to pierce through it without causing any tangible harm, or be as precise as the simple cutting through a human skull while leaving the brain in tact. The strength of these telekinetic vectors is dependent on the user's ability to use them but can be as wielded with power enough to lift a semi-truck or rip a human in half. With training, this ability can become very versatile just like its more broad predecessor, allowing the user to shield themselves from harm, fly, or even use their "finger" to meddle inside the brain matter or physical body of others.

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)



  • May only be able to manipulate targets of a certain number, size or weight at once.
  • May require intense amounts of concentration, focus and mental effort to use properly.
  • Requires precision.
  • Telekinesis Immunity

Known Users

  • Chase Collins (The Covenant)
  • Diclonii (Elfen Lied)
  • Simon Utrecht/U-Foes (Marvel Comics)