The ability to be highly proficient with vehicles solely meant for combat purposes. Sub-power of Vehicle Manipulation. Combination of Vehicle Intuition and Technological Combat.

Also Called

  • Armed Vehicle Expertise
  • Assault Vehicle Control
  • Battle Vehicle Proficiency
  • Combat Vehicle Skill
  • Driving Combat Expertise
  • Fighting Vehicle Arts
  • High Speed Vehicular Combat
  • Vehicular Warfare
  • War Vehicle Operation
  • Weaponized Vehicle Mastery


The user is very proficient with land, sea and/or sky oriented vehicles solely designed for combative purposes; utilizing both un-armed and armed vehicles to attack, shoot, blow up, disintegrate, crush, ram and/or rip apart their opponents. In addition to driving, some users can even build, summon, manipulate and/or mimic combat ready vehicles.




  • May only be able to operate one type of armed vehicle that's sea, sky or land oriented.
  • Armed vehicles are far more difficult to learn and drive than normal everyday vehicles.
  • May cause heavy property damage if one's skill in armed vehicles isn't good enough.
  • Some users can only design, build and manage armed vehicles, but not drive them personally.

Known Users

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (DC Comics)
  • Tim Drake (DC Comics)
  • The A-Team (The A-Team)
  • Carol Tea (Freedom Planet)
  • Carmageddon contestants (Carmageddon series)
  • Cel Damage contestants (Cel Damage)
  • Combaticons/Bruticus (Transformers series)
  • Demolishor (Transformers Armada)
  • F3600 Racing League contestants (Wipeout series)
  • F-Zero contestants (F-Zero series)
  • Starscream (Transformers series)
  • Warpath (Transformers series)
  • Joe Astor & the Defender (VIPER )
  • Thomas Cole & the Defender (VIPER)
  • K.I.T.T & Michael Knight (Knight Rider)
  • Dominic Toretto and his crew (The Fast and the Furious series)
  • Owen Shaw and his comrades (Fast & Furious 6)
  • Deckard Shaw, Mose Jakande and their comrades (Furious 7)
  • Racers (Speed Racer)
    • Speed Racer
    • Rex Racer/Racer X
    • Taejo Tokokahn
    • Jack "Cannonball" Taylor
    • The Grey Ghost
    • Snake Oiler
  • Mario Kart contestants (Mario Kart series)
  • M.A.S.K Agents (M.A.S.K)
  • V.E.N.O.M Agents (M.A.S.K)
  • Modo (Biker Mice From Mars)
  • Vinnie (Biker Mice From Mars)
  • Throttle (Biker Mice From Mars)
  • Stringfellow "String" Hawke (Airwolf)
  • Racer (Fairy Tail)
  • Twisted Metal contestants (Twisted Metal series)
  • EVA (Metal Gear)
  • T-Bone & Razor and the TurboKat (SWAT Kats)
  • The Metallikats and the Metalikat Express (SWAT Kats)
  • Mumen Rider (One Punch Man)


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