"I'm not going back to that restaurant!"
― Cleveland Brown after being continually transported to Olive Garden every time someone says its catchphrase (Family Guy)

The power to teleport by saying the location's name. Variation of Teleportation

Also Called

  • Vocal Teleportation


The user can say the name of a specific location, and will be teleported there. The name does not have to be spoken audibly, it can be said in a whisper. Others with physical contact can also come with the user. It can be instantly or by a shimmer-like affect The user can say the name of the island, continent, or country.




  • Teleportation Negation
  • Location must be correctly named.
    • May not work or teleport to the wrong location if the name is partially/incorrectly said.
    • Inability to speak will negate ability.
  • Speaking allows enemies to know where user will teleport to.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Wishing Cloak (Donkey Cabbage)
  • Floo Powder (Harry Potter)
  • Eye of Aurora (Jackie Chan Adventures); by saying "Return to (name of place)"
  • North's Snow Globes (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Power Rod (Jupiter's Legacy)


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