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==Known Users==
==Known Users==
*Demons (''Mythology'')
*Demons (''Mythology'')
*Desaad ''(Smallivlle'')
*Desaad ''(Smallville'')
*Lukas (''Charmed'')
*Lukas (''Charmed'')
*Raven (''DC comics'')
*Raven (''DC comics'')

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Power to bring the sin out of a persons souls. Opposite power to Virtue Inducement.

Also Called

  • Sin Inducement
  • Immoral Inducement


Can bring out the worst sins in people. Doing so causes the person to completely forget everything around them to perform the Seven Deadly Sins. Usually this results in their death or insanity.

Usually performed by demons on "lesser mortals". More than likely Demons would target people who were well on their way to Hell in the first place.


Sloth: Targets tend to put off everything, laying down and sleeping instead. Will forget everything around them, eating and drinking, saving their own lives, going to the bathroom. All just to lay around and do nothing until they die.

Wrath: Will drive someone into unstoppable murderous rage. Will cause the person to kill someone who makes them the angriest: spouse, relatives, coworker, even the man who cut you off in traffic this morning. Usually with so much rage inside, the victim might suffer a heart attack due to high blood pressure.

Lust: Drives people to insatiable acts of sexual debauchery. A person will completely forget about their lives for sex, usually dying in the process. Users would cause someone to leave the person they truly love, indulge in sexual activities in-spite of taking care of themselves, or even commit rape.

Gluttony: Will only eat, feed and consume relentlessly. Targets tend to engorge themselves to death, usually just eating more than they can take in one sitting, or people would die from eating things that are poisonous or inedible.

Envy: People affected will act out against people that are perceived superior in quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it, resulting in the person destroying, torturing or killing the people they feel inferior to.

Pride: Target will act high and mighty as if above everyone and will proceed to "assert" themselves. Usually affects people of power, presidents, kings, and politicians. The person will become a tyrant and proceed to make peoples' lives below them a living Hell, taking away equal rights and kill anyone who dares to oppose them.

Greed: Material Greed: Affects the way people will treat their possessions. Will covet anything "shiny" or perceived valuable. Will even treat the people around them as possessions. They will covet what they have and take what they want, killing anyone who try to get in between him and that mindset. The affected person will desire everything, money, power, sex, fashion, immortality, friends, all things in existence.


Known Users

  • Demons (Mythology)
  • Desaad (Smallville)
  • Lukas (Charmed)
  • Raven (DC comics)
  • The Seven Sins (Supernatural)
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