The power to possess understanding, knowledge and skills in video games. Variation of Game Intuition.

Also Called

  • Video Gaming Intuition


The user has immense knowledge about video games games, with keen eye for details, strategic mind, unbendable determination and confidence. They know how a video game works down to the core, how it plays, and do not need to learn anything about it, effectively and immediately mastering the video game when they play it.



Known Users

  • Akira Oono (Hi Score Girl)
  • Jimmy Woods (The Wizard)
  • Keima Katsuragi (The World God Only Knows)
  • Tsukihito Amanuma (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Emu Hojo (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid)
  • Soos Ramirez (Gravity Falls)
  • Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2)
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