"Any sufficiently advanced reality warper is indistinguishable from God."
― A riff on Clarke's Third Law
"Product of the digital mind, I'll build the future that I datalized. Into a world of my image perfected, I won't stop until you're all infected."
― Brandon Yates - Infection Perfection

The power to manipulate reality in a computer-like fashion. Variation of Reality Warping. Opposite to Subjective Reality.

Also Called

  • Computer God
  • Reality Coding
  • Reality Programming/Rewriting
  • Cyber/Cybernetic/Virtual Reality Manipulation/Warping


User can manipulate reality by instructing it in a way similar to that of instructing computers. They can instruct reality to produce any kind of material and phenomena, and erase and modify them as well. At sufficiently high levels, they may be able to reconfigure the structures of reality and redefine its rules at will.








  • User may start with limited data, having to gather more to expand their possibilities.
  • Malware, hackers and/or bugs may have negative effects.

Known Users

See Also: Powers as Programs.

Known Objects

  • Yggdrasil (Oh My Goddess)
  • Nidhogg (Oh My Goddess)
  • The Rule (Sora no Otoshimono)
  • The Tablet (Shelter)
  • Honey Badger (Xiaolin Chronicles)
  • The Phantom Ruby (Sonic Forces)

Known Locations

  • World of Super Sandbox (Being the Reality)
  • Eternal Sphere (Star Ocean)


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