"By this point, the two leaders of Qin and Zhao had already arrived at these grounds as part of their advance parties. The two of them would go on to take in the landscape that lay before them. Where they would then conjure up imaginary troops and formations, maneuvering and directing them in their minds...heroically slaying their enemies."
― The Narrator on Ou Sen and Ri Boku during the Battle at Shukai Plains (Kingdom)
The ability to visualize images, objects and information. Sub-power of Enhanced Brain Capacity. Organic variation of Augmented Reality Vision.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Mental Imagery


The user can visualize images, objects and information in their vision, like an organic augmented reality; from visualizing a building in the real world, to visualizing calculations and graphs in the air around them, to visualizing people and their movements. They can interact with the visualization; move it around, change it and hold in it place in space as they move around it.

Visualizing information can aid in rapidly computing precise calculations and solving problems.




  • The experience of visualization might become overwhelming.
  • May have a time limit.

Known Users

  • Gary Bell (Alphas)
  • Brainstorm (Ben 10)
  • Brian Finch (Limitless series)
  • Cassandra Cillian (The Librarians)
  • Lucy Miller (Lucy)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)


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