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The ability to visualize images, objects and information. Sub-power of Enhanced Brain Capacity. Organic variation of Augmented Reality Vision.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Mental Imagery
  • Visual Imagery/Thinking/Thinkers


The user can visualize images, objects and information in their mind, like an organic augmented reality or Computer Aided Design (CAD); from visualizing the kinematic movements of an internal combustion engine's mechanical components, visualizing a spring-load mechanism system in a gun, visualizing calculations, computer codes, schematic designs of electronic wiring system, interactive physics, equations, graphs, to visualizing people and their movements.

They can interact with the object they visualize; move, rotate, expand, offset, arrange, compute, assemble, disassemble, organize, change, dimension, analyze, simulate and hold it in place as they move around it.

Users of this ability can easily tell a person's true height, distance of an object, size, weight, mass, volume, speed, velocity and dimensions with extreme precision. They can easily find flaws in a design, create schematics or know how things work intuitively.

Visualization can aid in rapid mental computation, enhanced memory, photographic recall, thought experiments, pattern recognition, mechanical intuition, creativity, accelerated learning, detailed analysis, conceptualizing, design, inventing, rapid fabrication and problem solving.




  • The experience of visualization might become overwhelming.
  • May not be able to tell reality from photo-realistic visual images.
  • May have a time limit.

Known Users

  • Gary Bell (Alphas)
  • Brainstorm (Ben 10)
  • Brian Finch (Limitless series)
  • Cassandra Cillian (The Librarians)
  • Lucy Miller (Lucy)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
  • Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
  • Skylar (Alphas)
  • Forge (X-Men)