"I live and breathe, and speak through every being and thing in creation. So why not a dog or an insect? A mote of dust...or even one of you?"
― The Presence (DC Comics)
"Good Lord. How is he overpowering my P.A. System?"
― Seymour Skinner (The Simpsons)

The power to project one's voice great distances or even into a room without being physically present. Technique of Voice Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Remote Voice
  • Voice Echo


The user can make their voice come from somewhere else, even great distances or somewhere where the user isn't physically present.



Known Users

  • Kahono (Black Clover)
  • Shaher (Shakugan No Shana)
  • Superman (DC Comics); Pre-Crisis
  • Verde (Dog Days)
  • Spider Demon (Charmed)
  • Julie (Charmed)
  • Zera (Fairy Tail Zero)
  • Shaggy Rogers (Scooby-Doo)
  • Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
  • Last Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim); via Throw Voice Shout
  • Mora Chester (Rokka no Yuusha)
  • The Narrator/God (Space Dandy)
  • Southern Oracle/Uyulala (The Neverending Story)
  • Heracles Foal (Toriko)
  • Zebra (Toriko)
  • Jasmine (Angel)
  • Poli Truper (Supertorpe)
  • Jigumo (Naruto)
  • Motoki Yaze (Strike the Blood) via Drug Usage
  • Queen Fairy (Balala Fairies)
  • Onba (Brave Story)
  • Golbez (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Garland (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Ao (Forgotten Realms)
  • Merem Solomon (TYPE-MOON)
  • Edajima Heihachi (Sakigake Otokojuku)
  • Otokojuku Students (Sakigake/Akatsuki Otokojuku); via The Great Chime Yell
  • Matsuo Taio (Sakigake Otokojuku); via The Great Chime Yell
  • Pete (South Park)
  • God (Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai)
  • Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony Series)
  • Ancestor of the Ren Ren Wan Nong family (The X-Dormitory)


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