"Now you see Marge. Now you see why we must build that fence!"
"Build it, Homie! Make it as tall as the sky and deeper than Hell!"
― Homer and Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)

The ability to create walls. Sub-power of Constructs Creation and Wall Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Wall Creation


User can create walls from anything/everything, including matter/energy, power, concepts, etc., they can shape the wall to any shape they want, but afterwards the walls are unchanging and immobile. Depending on what the wall is made of, it can posses a variety of abilities and be very effective in both offensive and defensive combat.





  • Durability of the walls may depend on the user's will.
  • How long the wall lasts depends on the users skill and power, some may need near constant attention, others are effectively permanent.

Known Users

  • Violet Parr (The Incredibles)
  • Users of Bakudo 81: Danku (Bleach)
  • Genga (Bleach)
  • Jafar (Disney)
  • Galdino (One Piece)
  • Ohm (One Piece)
  • Bartolomeo (One Piece)
  • Users of Barrier Ninjutsu (Naruto)
  • Various Earth Release Users (Naruto)
  • Pokemon using "Reflect" or "Light Screen" (Pokemon)
  • Anivia (League of Legends)
  • Azir (League of Legends)
  • Yorick (League of Legends)
  • Taliyah (League of Legends)
  • Aoi Kuchiba (The Stigma of Qwaser)
  • Kimberly (Unbreakable Machine-Doll)
  • Diabound (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Known Objects

  • Wall Buddy (Regular Show)


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