The ability to create a warp field around a targeted space that will send everything within to another point in spaceCombination of Portal Creation and Spatial Displacement.

Also Called

  • Portal Teleportation
  • Teleportation Rift
  • Warp Point


The user distorts the space around a target turning it into a warp field, and collapsing matter within the field through a spatial distortion into a dimensional void, instantly teleporting the target to another location. The exiting warp points can also appear within solid matter, allowing one to teleport objects into another object. Powerful users can have these warps link through space, time, and even alternate dimensions, allowing travel to anywhere.

Since the warp leads to a dimensional void, they can also have the targeted objects sent to the void instead of ejecting them back out at another location. They can also throw the warp as projectiles, creating the spatial distortions upon the warp striking the target.

Universal Difference

Normal teleportation targets physical matter in order to move from one location to another, which limits it to teleporting the entire object. Warping Teleportation targets the space around the said matter, thus allowing one to control the size of the warp field, choosing to teleport only parts of the target, effectively allowing the user to sever the spatial connection of the victims and shred them to pieces.



  • Black Hole Creation - Create a strong warp to suck in almost anything in its area. 
  • Extra-Dimensional Energy Generation: Harness and project extra-dimensional energy.
  • Portal Creation: A warp is basically an instant-use portal, shifting anything from one location to another via an inter-dimensional connection.
  • Spatial Attacks: Warp away parts of a target, tearing the part away.
  • Spatial Expansion: Conscious and controlled spatial warping of objects and the like wherever one can envision.
  • Spatial Slicing: Create a distortion that removes a sliver of space to slash through matter.
  • Telefragging: Warp weapons into targets, piercing them with no resistance.
  • Teleportation Combat: Include warps into one's battle style.
  • Warping Speed: Warp location and distance without the need for manual relocation.
  • Wormhole Creation: bending time-space to shorten both length and duration of distance.




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Life Television/Movies

  • Kiryk (Stargate Atlantis)


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