The ability to reconstruct and repair one's weapons. Sub-power of Physical Restoration and Weapon Manipulation. Weapon equivalent of Regenerative Healing Factor.

Also Called

  • Weapon Reconstruction
  • Weapon Restoration


User can repair their broken weapon via Elemental Transmutation, Magic, Physical Restoration or by simply transmitting their life force particles (magical or spiritual) into a part of the weapon via Infusion.


  • Impale opponent by regenerating a broken weapon.
  • Manipulate the quality of a weapon.
  • Regenerate ammunition to have infinite firing capacity.
  • Some weapons may also regenerate the user alongside itself.



  • May require a source to provide regeneration.
  • User may have to be holding onto the weapon for it to regenerate.
  • Irreversible Destruction can negate this ability.

Known Users

  • Quincy (Bleach)
  • Raziel (Legacy of Kain)
  • Kira Yukimura (Teen Wolf)
  • Yukiya Araki (W'z); limited to other peoples weapons

Known Living Weapons

Known Inanimate Weapons


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