The power to create substance to form webs. Sub-power of Spider Physiology, variation of Organic Generation.

Also Called

  • Silk Spinning
  • Web Projection
  • Webbing Generation
  • Web-Spinning


Users can create silk, either in a simple form like spinning a strand, or more complex form like building a web and even creating items from it. It can come in many shapes, be stretchy or strong, it may be thick like cord or thin like wire. Advanced users may be able to make it more or less sticky, some users not only can generate webs but manipulate them as well such as controlling their density to make them razor sharp or controlling the direction they fly in.

In some cases, the user's webs may be made out of some form of energy.



  • Seismic Sense: pick up vibrations through generated web threads.
    • Enhanced Hearing: through the web line users can amp listening ability to eavesdrop on conversations.
  • Trapping Combat: ensnare opponents with cleverly placed webbing.



  • Some users may lack the oils to prevent them from sticking to their own web.
  • Web may have limits on how much can be created at a time
  • May not have the ability to fire, or launch the web, requiring users to lasso or throw it.
  • Webs might have a weight limit and some targets can overcome it.
  • The process of creating the webs naturally may require a large metabolism from the user.
  • Webs can be flammable.

Known Users


  • Ayam Aghoul (Aladdin: The Animated Series)
  • Unkbuut (Aladdin: The Animated Series)
  • Spidermonkey (Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien)
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
  • Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Beverly Holiday (Generator Rex); as an EVO
  • Jeff the Spider (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
  • Spider tribe (Legends of Chima)
  • Munya (The Secret Saturdays)
  • Blackarachnia (Transformers Beast Wars)
  • Tarantulas (Transformers Beast Wars)
  • Miranda (W.I.T.C.H.)
  • Helia (Winx Club)
  • Black Spider (Young Justice)


  • Bizarnage (Amalgam Comics)
  • Uma Arachnis (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Greg Arkin (DC Comics)
  • Charaxes (DC Comics)
  • Hellgrammite (DC Comics)
  • Insect Queen (DC Comics)
  • Redback Spider (DC Comics)
  • Chrysalis (Elementals)
  • Netwerk (Image Comics)
  • The Spider (IPC Magazines Ltd.)
  • Flipside (Marvel 2099)
  • Ai Apaec (Marvel Comics)
  • Arachnophilia (Marvel Comics)
  • Anya Corazon (Marvel Comics)
  • Julia Carpenter (Marvel Comics)
  • Gerry Drew (Marvel Comics)
  • Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics)
  • Mattie Franklin/Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics)
  • Kaine (Marvel Comics)
  • Moon Knight (Marvel Comics)
  • Scarlet Spider (Marvel Comics)
  • Skrull Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Alistair Smythe (Marvel Comics)
  • The Spider (Marvel Comics)
  • Miles Morales/Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Spider-Man 2099 (Marvel Comics)
  • Spider-Man 2211 (Marvel Comics)
  • Spider-Slayers (Marvel Comics)
  • Spider-X (Marvel Comics)
  • Spidercide (Marvel Comics)
  • Symbiotes (Marvel Comics)
    • Carnage
    • Toxin
    • Venom
  • Tendril (Marvel Comics)
  • Flash Thompson (Marvel Comics); via Venom symbiote
  • Ultimate Spider-Woman (Marvel Comics)
  • Joe Wade (Marvel Comics)
  • Orb Weaver (Marvel Comics)
  • Zoroaster (Marvel Comics)
  • Richie Parker (Marvel Comics - Spider-Man: House of M)
  • Spider-Femme (Spoof Comics Presents)


  • Kumonga (Godzilla)
  • Mothra (Godzilla)

Live Action TV

  • Spider Demons (Charmed)
  • Mohinder Suresh (Heroes)


  • Shōgen Kazamachi (Basilisk)
  • Yuzuki Katagiri (Black Bullet)
  • Rachnera Arachnera (Daily Life with a Monster Girl)
  • Araña Webb (Fairy Tail)
  • Ranmaru Mori (Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle)
  • Fū (Naruto)
  • Kidōmaru (Naruto)
  • Suika (Naruto)
  • Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)
  • Tararan (One Piece)
  • Keito (Rosario + Vampire)
  • Dorodoron (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star)
  • Arachnea (Yes! Pretty Cure 5)
  • Randō (Yu Yu Hakusho)


  • Kevin (Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars)

Video Games

  • Wormmon (Digimon)
  • Squitter the Spider (Donkey Kong Country)
  • Broodmother (Dota 2)
  • Sadira (Killer Instinct 2013)
  • Demon Spiders (Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2)
  • Hazmat (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects)
  • Pokémon using Electroweb (Pokémon)
  • Pokémon using Spider Web (Pokémon)
  • Pokémon using String Shot (Pokémon)
  • James Heller (Prototype 2)


  • Spinnerette (Spinnerette)

Known Objects

  • Web-Shooters (Marvel Comics)
  • Silk Spitter (Xiaolin Showdown)


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