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*Reiji The Crow (''Bloody Roar'')
*Reiji The Crow (''Bloody Roar'')
*Wereowl/Wrowls (''The Forgotten Realms'')
*Wereowl/Wrowls (''The Forgotten Realms'')
*Owl Dopant (''Futo Detective'')

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The ability to use traits of a wereavian. Variation of Werebeast Physiology.

Also Called

  • Werebird Physiology
  • Birdman Physiology


The user has the ability to use traits of wereavian. A wereavian is a person that has the ability to shapeshift into an avian-like humanoid, or possibly even into a bird entirely. Alternate forms may possess many mixtures of human and bird traits (ex. head and torso of a man; wings and talons of a bird; etc.).






  • Users may have limited control over when or how they shift.
  • Users may have specific forms they shift into.
  • Some users may find, like many were-creatures, that they become weak to a specific material (i.e. silver).

Known Users

  • Reiji The Crow (Bloody Roar)
  • Wereowl/Wrowls (The Forgotten Realms)
  • Owl Dopant (Futo Detective)


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