The power to posses the traits of a werebeast lord. Advanced variation of Werebeast Physiology. Variation of Mythic Lord Physiology. Opposite of Beastwere Lord Physiology.

Also Called

  • Alpha/King/Lady/Lord/Master/Mistress/Queen of Werebeasts/Therianthropes
  • Therian Alpha/King/Lady/Lord/Master/Mistress/Queen
  • Werebeast/Therianthrope Lordship


The user either is or can transform into a Werebeast Lord, the most powerful form of werebeast imaginable. Unlike most werebeasts, the werebeast lord may possess unimaginable skill in fearsome dark magic, and may command legions of werebeasts.

Also, werebeast lords are known to have a certain resistance to silver for prolonged periods of time and have the fewest weaknesses. Furthermore, depending on the user, they may have a demonic nature, thus granting them access to the most unholy of powers.





  • Though the user can withstand some silver, it is recommended that they do not allow the substance to be introduced in large capacities beneath the skin, as regeneration may keep it inside and cause permanent damage.
  • Supernatural Hunter are match against even the strongest of werebeast.
  • May share the same basic limits as other were creatures.
  • May be vulnerable to Vampire Lord Physiology if vampires and werebeasts are natural enemies.

Known Users


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