The ability to use wires with great skill. Variation of Weapon Proficiency.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Wiremanship/Threadmanship
  • Thread Proficiency
  • Thread/Wire Mastery


Users demonstrate a natural aptitude for the way of using the wire or thread as a weapon/tool. They can wield a wire or thread with great proficiency in range, accuracy and speed allowing them to perform feats such as wrapping then pulling things or bringing them closer, binding their opponents, scaring/lashing opponents, binding then snatching others weapons, swinging from high altitudes and slicing the flesh of their enemies when striking at great speed.


  • Grants a great attack range and versatility, distant or close.
    • Wide area attacks taking down multiple opponents.
  • Strangulation or even break an opponent's neck with wires.
  • Swing and grapple from structures, targets, or even clouds.
  • Control the sharpness of the wires with delicate movements, allowing one to cut through matter or pick up objects without harming them.
  • Set innovative traps beforehand or even during combat.
  • Attach wires to projectiles to control their trajectory.
    • Impale targets by launching wires/threads forward similar to bullets and arrows.
    • Launch wires with projectiles to spread them out into a network, creating a webbing to trap the targets or a force-field.
  • Compress and wrap wires/threads together to form weapons and armors.



  • Mostly used for long ranged user, may be at a disadvantage at close range.
  • If using multiple wires, there's a possibility for them to get tangled.
  • Length of wire may limit one's overall range.

Known Users

See also: Razor Floss.


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