"I think we got our prayers crossed!"
― Herbert (Family Guy)

The power to manipulate wishes.

Also Called

  • Wish Control


The user can manipulate wishes, changing them to make it something else, reverse/undo granted wishes, deny wishes from ever being granted, destroy/create wishes and imbue them onto a person, etc.




  • Wishes may be restricted by rules. Most often "no wishing for more wishes" or Omnipotence.
  • User may not be able to manipulate their own wishes and, by extension, those of another wish-granting being.
  • Dependent on manipulator, wishes may have loopholes and twists.
  • May only be able to manipulate certain wishes.
  • May not be able to grant wishes.

Known Users

  • Li-Grim (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)
  • Matoi Sumeragi (Matoi: The Sacred Slayer)
  • Ryou Ninomiya (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)
  • Shirou Kotomine (TYPE-MOON); via Almighty Key

Known Objects

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