"This world needs us..."
"And we need it."
― Carl Burnett and Franklin Enea (Teen Titans Go!)

The power to have a deep physical/spiritual connection to the world. Advanced variation of Ecological Empathy and Elemental Connection. Lesser version of Transcendent Connection.

Also Called

  • World Bond/Empathy


User has a deep physical, mental, emotional or spiritual connection with the world and everything in it including all its countless lifeforms, elements, aspects, etc., allowing them a deep understanding of the world, what it can do, and how it applies to them. This can allow them to easily communicate with the world that they have a deep connection with.

User is able to sense and/or know everything that happens on the world they have a connection too.




Known Users

  • Ryu Bateson (Breath of Fire II); via Anfini
  • Pirika (Chain Chronicle)
  • Scion of Mana (Children of Mana)
  • Terra (Hiniiru)
  • Demon Lords (In Another World, I'm Called the Black Healer)
    • Amber
    • Noche


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