"Raven is not the only one with a bad side."
― Nega Cyborg to Cyborg (DC Comics/Teen Titans)
"Stop spouting this crap! What in the Hell are you?!"
"I am a Shadow, of your true inner self. I am YOUR Shadow."
― Yosuke Hanamura and Shadow Yosuke. (Persona 4: The Animated)

The power to separate the shadow aspect and manifest it into a doppelgänger of another individual. Variation to Yin & Yang Separation. Opposite to Yang Separation.

Also Called

  • Evil Division/Separation/Splicing/Rift
  • Shadow/Dark Archetype/Aspect/Side Division/Separation/Splicing/Rift
  • Yin Division/Rift/Splicing


The user can separate the shadow archetypes of themselves and/or specific individuals and manifest them into evil Jungian doppelgängers. The shadow archetype is the accumulation of the host’s subconscious yet evil and negative traits that are therefore denied by the person.

The way this power works apart from the clone manifestation part, is that the user of this ability is able to basically splice the negative aspect of the soul or heart and then rip it out.

In terms of power, the shadow archetype clones can possess any of the power sets that the individual has, but to an equal or to a much higher extent. They are highly likely to inspire fear in the host and this will create openings for them to attack.




  • Yin & Yang Unification
  • This power is only limited to separating the negative aspect of a specific individual and not both the light and dark side.
  • May be limited to physical contact.
  • The user that manifested the malevolent Jungian duplicates, might not be exactly obedient to the power owner, meaning they won't even, or partially follow orders when given out.

Known Users

See Also: Enemy Without.

  • Trigon (DC Comics)
  • Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts series)
  • Nyarlathotep (Atlus)
  • Aku (Samurai Jack)
  • Ryu (Street Fighter series); self only.

Known Objects

  • Red Kryptonite (DC Comics/Superman III)

Known Locations

  • Midnight Channel/TV World/Mayonaka TV (Persona 4)


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