The ability to use Yoga, a traditional system of physical, mental and spiritual development and augmentation practices. A combination of Spiritual Meditation and Training Regimen. Practitioners are known as Yogis.

Also Called

  • Yogic Practice/Training


User can utilize Yoga, an ancient Indian set of physical, mental and spiritual practices that aim to unite the three aspects together in order to achieve enlightenment, inner tranquility and communion with the universal consciousness. Traditionally, the various body and mind exercises enable for physical enhancement and cognitive insight, which, conceptually, allows the soul to attain a cosmic connection. Fictionally, one’s usage and/or mastery of the practices can lead to the manifestation of supernatural powers.

Physical drilling improves the bodily condition of the trainee, enhancing muscle tone, circulation, reflexes and senses. Mental conditioning heightens insight, clarity and comprehension. By combining these together, one is capable of not only displaying superhuman levels of physical and psychic power, but also connecting with cosmic forces that elevate an ordinary person to even greater heights of transcendence.


There are numerous styles of yoga that emphasize different beliefs and/or emphasize certain practices:

  • Bhakti Yoga – This yogic path focuses on loving devotion to God, in the belief that faithful adherence to the divine, humanity and any living creature will lead to a spiritual epiphany.
  • Dhyana Yoga – This yogic path teaches that contemplation and meditation can lead to self-realization. If often involves trance states.
  • Hatha Yoga – This yogic path is devoted to physical enhancement, making it so the path to enlightenment is no longer impeded by bodily and/or behavioral actions. It includes dietary management, breathing exercises, postures and internal cleansing.
  • Jnana Yoga – This yogic path deals with knowledge attainment through self-examination. Understanding the individual leads to oneness with the ultimate reality.
  • Karma Yoga – This yogic path is focused on the practice of good deeds to achieve cosmic unity. Selfless action is considered a spiritual practice that can lead to enlightenment.
  • Kundalini Yoga – This yogic path seeks to enable spiritual liberation by accessing the kundalini, the energy that lies at the base of the spine in the muladhara chakra. Bodily practices and meditation enable for access to the energy, which leads to one’s fullest potential.




  • One’s fullest potential may be only be available through the development and balance of body, mind and spirit.

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