The power to manifest the aspects of youth. Variation of Aspect Manifestation and Age Aspect Manifestation

Also Called

  • The Fresh One
  • The Vigorous
  • Youth


The user embodies the conceptual attributes, traits, and behaviors of youth and gains power from aspects they represent each reflecting the ideal status of being by their physicality, mentality, spirituality, etc. Traits of youth are viewed differently throughout cultures and historical periods, but commonly include Will, Independence, Imagination, Sexuality, Life, Courage, and Curiosity.


  • Courage: The young are none worldwide for being courageous and ignoring their fears where there predecessors had not.
  • Curiosity: Young ones are known for their reckless curiosity which gets them into trouble ,but helps them to learn about the world.
  • Fertility: The young are commonly viewed as extremely fertile do to the fact that they new and fresh.
  • Imagination: The young are expected in many cultures to be the hope for the future and to do that must imagine it first and then strive to achieve it.
  • Innocence: The young are considered to be innocent, since they have an untainted view of the world. They've also haven't spend as much time in the world to become bad or evil.
  • Independence: The young are commonly expected to begin to become fore independent as they grow older and doing so is viewed as a responsible act.
  • Life/Energy: Young ones are well known through out all cultures as being full of Life and Energy.
  • Sexuality: Sexuality is universally innate within youths both men and women. Youth sexuality is commonly viewed as a time to experiment with their sexual preferences
  • Will: Through the eyes of many will is considered a trait of youth, having Will is needed for development of self. As well as showing the stubbornness that the young have


Known Users

  • Hebe (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • Juno (Roman Mythology); not Hera of the Greeks
  • Ibeji (Yoruba religion)
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