The power to manipulate anything at zero. Opposite to Infinity Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Zeroness Control


User can manipulate anything with a quantity of zero, making it so that the user can effectively swap, copy, transfer, steal, reassign, remove traits that are at a magnitude of zero. The user can also manipulate what happens at zero. For example, it is said by the theory of relativity that an object at zero mass will be "born" at the speed of light, or start moving at that speed without any external force. The user can change what happens at zero mass or what happens when other things are zero, such as making things stronger or faster when a person's stamina is at zero, for example.




  • May be limited to certain properties, powers, etc.
  • Cannot affect certain things that are abstract, like laws and rules.
  • Cannot affect dimensions and realities overall.
  • May not be able to make some things happen at zero.
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